In order to protect people's livelihood and return to work early, how to prevent new crown pneumonia?
Author: Time:2020-02-10

Instructions for Use of Heaven and Earth Disinfection Channels

I. Characteristics of Heaven and Earth Disinfection Channels

1. Automatic induction to start spraying device

Personnel enter the automatic opening spraying device and spray according to the preset time, and the device is automatically closed after the time arrives.

2. Timing Access Control Opening System

The timing can be set according to the action time of the disinfection liquid medicine, and the back door can be opened when the time reaches so as to fully achieve the disinfection purpose.

II. Suggested disinfectant and its proportion

1. Air spray disinfection

Fengmei Biological Water Klin: 1:200 Dilution

2. Disinfection of shoes and boots on the ground:

Fengmei biological general elimination: 1:400 dilution

III. Precautions for Use of Sprayers

1. The spray water reservoir has a capacity of 5L and can be continuously used for up to 10 hours after being filled;

2. Use temperature above 0℃;

3. Strong acid, strong alkali and aldehydes will affect the service life of equipment;

Please clean the equipment once a month.

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