Tiandi Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Longji District of Hefeng Group
Author:辽宁天地 Time:2020-04-22

On the morning of April 20, 2020, Liaoning Tiandi and Longji District of Hefeng Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which aims to promote the coordinated development of both sides in their respective regions. 

 In recent years, the group's industrialization has developed rapidly. Longji District has been pioneering, striving to be the first, and actively seeking breakthroughs in pioneering ideas. This cooperative Tiandi Company will provide Longji District with complete sets of pig equipment, complete sets of meat, egg and poultry equipment, as well as the transformation of bulk feed ports, bulk feed transportation and other services to jointly help the group's industrialization. Tiandi people will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmen and contribute to the industrialization of Longji District.