Warmly Celebrate Liaoning Tiandi Bulk Feed Tanks Sold to Qatar
Author:辽宁天地 Time:2020-04-27

On April 23, 2020, under the condition of overcoming the shortage of raw materials brought about by the epidemic, Tiandi Company delivered the bulk feed tanks in time and smoothly, crossing the sea to Qatar, adding a beautiful color to the bulk feed transportation in Arab region and broadening the thinking of Tiandi Company's internationalization.

 This cooperation was first discussed on April 8, 2019. With continuous understanding and contact, the contract was finally signed before the Lunar New Year in 2020. In the early days of the epidemic, when traffic was inconvenient and most suppliers stopped production, the people of heaven and earth resisted the pressure and resumed production actively. Important raw materials were transported to the plant area at all costs by Shunfeng Express, and finally delivered in time with everyone's joint efforts.

Heaven and earth bulk feed transporters "deliver" further, "load" more and "unload" more cleanly.

(1) pneumatic conveying distance is far, can reach 100 meters;

(2) The aluminum tank body is light in weight and large in loading quality with the same volume;

(3) Discharging 0 remains to avoid cross contamination.

Operating Items of Tiandi Company:

1 bulk feed truck sales maintenance services

2. Bulk Feed Logistics Transportation Service

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